25 October 2009

Baking with a Toddler

Last evening I decided to bake some cookies. Sabrina was in the kitchen and she loves to help out around the house. She pulled a chair up to the island and begin to mix the sugar and shortening together. She broke the eggs and added them to the mixture and stirred some more. Once the flour was added, Sabrina decided that she wanted to do something else but I was okay with that. This mother-daughter time reminded me of the many times I had helped my mom bake. It is the day to day moments that are often the most vivid memories. Helping mom bake during my teenage years gave us time to talk and share with each other. Some day, maybe Sabrina will have similar memories about helping me bake.
It is hard to believe that Sabrina is a little girl who is learning new skills and becoming more independent every day. She is now dressing and undressing independently, toilet trained (day and night), problem solves how to reach an item she wants (moves chairs or stools) and has improved her swimming skills. Watching her grow and change, reminds me of God's amazing detail in creation as children are true miracles in so many ways. I remind myself often that time is precious and absorb as much detail as I can. Thank you God for such a precious gift.

07 October 2009

NS Visit

This blog is a bit outdated but decided that some of you would like to see photos of Sabrina with her relatives. We went to NS the first two weeks of September to visit family. Both sets of grandparents enjoyed some special time with Sabrina and memories were made. Scott and I also had a chance to visit PEI. Here are a variety of photos from our trip.