21 January 2010

A Big Girl's Bed

During the holidays, we decided to buy Sabrina a regular twin size bed. She had been sleeping in a toddler bed for about 17 months. However, the last month or so had been plagued by sleep problems where Sabrina would wake up and come sleep with us. Wondered if she found the crib mattress on the toddler bed too hard. We have had the new bed for 3 weeks now and she generally is only up once in the night and is willing to be put back into her own bed. She has even slept through the night twice.

18 January 2010

Nanny's Robe

Angela's mom (Nanny) made Sabrina a really warm and soft robe for Christmas. Sabrina fell in love with it and wore it for 24 hours straight including to bed. On boxing day, she changed into regular clothes to go do errands but ran to her room as soon as we got home to put her robe back on! Thanks Mom/Nanny for making such a beautiful robe! Sabrina loves it!

Merry Christmas

This entry is obviously late but I wanted to add a few photos of Sabrina from Christmas morning. Throughout December, Sabrina learned about the birth of Jesus. When I asked her about why we have Christmas, she would say "baby Jesus born!" in a determined, excited voice. My heart would melt every time; amazed at what children do pick up and understand. Overall, we had a quiet Christmas and enjoyed some time to relax. Scott only had a couple of days of over the holidays but the first week of January was slow and allowed him to rest. Here are some photos of Sabrina.
Sabrina enjoyed the plastic food with velcro. Able to pretend you are cutting various foods. She played for 20 minutues before we could convince her to open another present.

Scott putting together the train table.

Sabrina sitting down relaxing in her new robe and checking out a book while watching Daddy build her train table.

The completed train table.