27 June 2010

New Adventures Part 2

Today, we went on a ropes obstacle course with a zip line at the end. I had a blast and the height from the ground didn't bother me. At least not until the sudden drop and speed on the zip line. Enjoy the photos.

New Adventures Part 1

Scott and I are enjoying a weekend away in Banff. I had a medical appointment (sleep related) on Friday and a follow-up tomorrow (Monday) in Calgary and thus decided to have a couple's weekend. Sabrina is with friends of ours and I am sure she is having fun with the kids and the open space of the acreage.

Scott and I decided to try some new activities while in Banff this time and went on a 25 minute helicopter ride over the mountains. The view was amazing. Scott even had the opportunity to sit in the front seat beside the pilot and have a slightly different view. It was windy and the helicopter bounced around a bit causing me to feel quite motion sick by the end of the ride.