06 December 2009

Winter Has Arrived

It sounds like the majority of the country has experienced "true winter" this weekend. We definitely had our share of snow and poor road conditions here in Central Alberta. Sabrina loves the snow and helped me shovel the deck and stairs Friday night when we finally got home from work. There was a good 5-6 inches of snow and with the drifts the snow was easily half way up my calf. Yesterday, Sabrina and I ventured out to get groceries and visit Poppa and Nana. Red Deer does not ;pow the roads very well and thus, I greatly appreciated having a 4x4 SUV as that extra traction definitely helped getting through the snow. The photos below tell you more than I could in words.

The snow pile from clearing the walkway, deck and stairs.

Scott and Sabrina shovelling the sidewalk.